Bellapais Abbey

Bellapais Abbey   copyright

From magnificent city landmarks to mysterious ruins, castles, abbeys and roman sites, North Cyprus has it all and more.

Cyprus mountains

If you are looking for history, have a sense of adventure or you simply love to explore around beautiful settings, then North Cyprus is the destination for you.

Walking in North Cyprus

Walking in Northern Cyprus  copyright

Do you love flowers? If so make sure you visit during the spring time. You will find a plethora of wildflowers which grow during March and April which are stunning. There are more than thirty different types of wild orchids, including the Fan-lipped and giant orchids. Colours range from bright reds, to purple to whites and oranges.


Cyprus jeep

Why not hire a car and drive around the island whilst visiting the local villages where you will be guaranteed a warm welcome.  Stop off at the local coffee shops and try your hand at a game of backgammon which is traditionally played throughout the island and then wind up your day enjoying a crisp cool beer or a glass of wine while you take in the stunning sunset.

 "Wine at Sunset" Image:  Rachel Strohm via Flickr

“Wine at Sunset” Image: Rachel Strohm via Flickr