Holidays to Northern Cyprus

Whether it’s pristine beaches, endless activities, historical sites or simply pure relaxation you’re looking to dive into during a holiday, then Northern Cyprus may just be exactly the place for you. With so much to see and do during a stay here, it’s no wonder each year millions of tourists come to experience the magic of this wondrous destination. With its natural beauty and breathtaking views of both mountain and sea, you may find you never want to leave Northern Cyprus!

Le Chateau Lambousa hotel. Northern Cyprus

Le Chateau Lambousa hotel North Cyprus

Accommodation Options

Though most tourists head to the popular area of Kyrenia, that’s not the only place where you will find hotels and accommodation options of every type.  Northern Cyprus has gained great popularity within the tourism industry which has led to a number of new hotels opening nearly every other month.

Whether you’re looking for more budget friendly hotels or you’re in search of luxury and class in every inch of a property, there is truly something for everyone.  Make your choice of beachside hotels or opt to stay closer inland where you will be closer to plenty of restaurants and cafes all ready and willing to offer you local bites and dishes.

Go Exploring

When you choose to come to Northern Cyprus for your holiday, one thing is for certain…you will be far from bored!  From water sports to exploring the unique buildings and historic sites, there are truly always adventures and activities to partake in and fill your days with.

Start your day off visiting the Kyrenia Shipwreck Museum where you will be able to gaze upon the oldest Greek ship yet to be discovered.  Find several artifacts that were found in the ship and even watch a video of the divers recovering the shipwreck and its many unique objects that were found.

Next, head to the Kyrenia Harbour and take in the majestic views of both the mountains and the sea to experience a true feel of what Northern Cyprus is all about.  Admire the dozens of ships along with the many unique and older buildings that make up the surroundings.

End your day at one of the many restaurants in town and get a taste of the delicious local cuisine offered at each one.  Meet the friendly locals and reminisce on just how beautiful a day you have experienced.

Discover beaches of Northern Cyprus

Discover the Beaches

No holiday to this region of the world would be complete without at least a few trips to some of the amazingly beautiful beaches scattered throughout Northern Cyprus. Whether you want to jet ski, snorkel, go parasailing or simply dig your feet into the warm sands, it’s all made possible at each beach you will come across.

Head just a few mere miles east of Kyrenia where you will find a beach lined with plenty of sunbathers and lounge chairs to relax on and soak up the sun.  Acapulco Beach, though owned by a hotel is a place where you will far from regret paying a small entrance fee in order to spend an entire day making use of its facilities and endless water activities.

Denizkizi Beach, also known as Mermaid Beach, is found just west of Kyrenia and is the perfect option for those who want a smaller beach feel yet with all the same water activity options as Acapulco Beach.

If you’re in search of a nightlife beach area, then be sure to head to Escape Beach & Club that seems to be the place to be for those looking to enjoy a nice cocktail while breathing in the fresh ocean air.

No matter what beach you decide to discover and explore during your holiday you will surely find that each one is inviting and absolutely hard to leave after a day well spent in the crystal clear and warm waters of the Mediterranean.

Unique Activities

Though it’s very easy to stick to the regular day-to-day tourist activities that most choose to enjoy during their holiday in Northern Cyprus, it’s almost always a good idea to get outside of that circle and explore different sides of the region. Northern Cyprus is full of adventure in nearly every corner and with the right research and an eye for fun off the typical beaten path, you’re guaranteed to have a holiday of a lifetime!

For starters, if you find that you’re in town during the months of July or August, you can experience a true adventure of a lifetime by heading to the Cypriot beaches. Here, each year during this time is when nearly 600 baby turtles hatch and are studied by scientists of Exeter University. Simply ask them if you are able to witness the true beauty and magnificence of new turtles being brought into the world. You will never forget this one!

If you’re looking to explore the natural beauty and have a personal feel for it, why not head up to the Kyrenia Mountain for a long or short trek?  You’ll get to take in the fresh mountainous air and discover breathtaking views along the way.

For an additional idea of what to do if you’re staying in a more touristy area like Kyrenia, how about renting a car for the day and exploring the rest of the region?  Pull out a map and discover new sites and beautiful natural landscapes that are sure to fill every kilometer that you drive through.

Create Lasting Memories

No matter what you decide to do or where you decide to explore during your holiday in Northern Cyprus, you are sure to create lasting and lifetime memories that you can cherish for years to come.  Whether you are here for a few days or a few weeks, your time here will be nothing short of magnificent, you may even end up planning your next trip before the first one is over!  One thing is always for certain when it comes to a holiday in Northern Cyprus…it is NEVER a bad idea! Come and discover Northern Cyprus for yourself.

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