Diving Holidays: Learn to Scuba Dive

Diving holidays

Have you ever thought about a diving holiday in Northern Cyprus? Many people book a holiday to the island so they can go scuba diving every day, or because they want to take a diving course and gain a qualification. There crystal clear waters offer a perfect setting to enjoy diving. You are guaranteed to see some lovely fish and if you are really lucky you may even see one of the turtles that visit the island to lay their eggs.

Diving Holidays: How to learn Scuba Diving

Scuba Diving with Turtle Scuba Cyprus

Learn Scuba Diving

If you have always fancied trying it, but didn’t know how to learn Scuba Diving, then why not visit Northern Cyprus. It is an excellent place to do it! The local people have been sponge diving here for thousands of years. Everyone learns how to swim at an early age and most people spend their summers by the beach.

Learning to Scuba dive can been fun and exciting. As long as you are a confident swimmer, learning to use the equipment is quite straight forward. Like most sports the more you want to push the limits, the more technical diving becomes. Once you master shallow dives and want to dive deeper, you will have to take additional training and learn more about the science behind diving and how our body reacts to the pressures of the sea.

Most diving centers on the island offer a variety of courses like:

Intro Dives, Scuba Dives, Open Water Diving, Advanced Adventurer, Night Diving, Wreck Diving, Diving Instructor Training etc.

Diving Holidays: How to learn Scuba Diving, scuba diving north cyprus

Scuba Diving with Scuba Cyprus

Scuba Diving School

There are several scuba diving schools on the island and I am sure you will enjoy your dives and swimming in the beautiful sea whoever you choose to do it go with but one diving company I can personally recommend is Scuba Cyprus, their prices are very competitive and they are a very professional but friendly bunch. For more information on their courses please visit: http://www.scubacyprus.com/prices

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